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Nursing Job On The Net

You now, at this time is not easy to find the Job especially for a Nurse. So many company and other agency are offer to you to help to find job as your qualifications.

Event like that, still they need more nursing skill and hospital experience from your self who has basic as a Nurse, also some of them looking for the best international languede such as english.

Job for Nurse on the Internet will help you guide to find the job. see more all of them bellow :

Posted by khomsah, Thursday 11:47 AM

Dear Manager,
My name is yanuar, I'm Indonesian (Male, 24yo). I'm Registered Nurse and have working experience in International SOS Bali until now, I'm qualified to give health care with multinational patient who have kinds of health problem. I need another experiences to improve my nursing skill and knowledge by work in other country, would you mind to help me to find me kind of job. I would like to thank you for your kind attention on my application. I have been looking forward to hearing from you very soon. You can reach me at either at my e-mail adress (ice_east31@yahoo.com) or at my mobile number 081333085095

Sincerely yours,
Yanuar Estu Widodo, A.Md Kep
commented by Anonymous yanuar, February 10, 2008 at 4:36 PM  

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