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Nurses Job and Career Opportunities in Singapure

One of health care company (ParkwayHealth) in ASIA recently held for Nurses Recruitment (The Nurses which looking for good job or career opportunities) to join with them as Nursing Staff in order to increase the hospital services for the patient demand. ParkwayHealth owns Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and the East Shore Hospital and plans to launch the Novena Hospital in 2011.

ParkwayHealth company right now they have a total of 15 hospitals around the region providing 3,277 beds and the expertise of 1,500 accredited medical professionals in a wide range of specialist fields. The Nurses who match with the following job requirements bellow, They can send their job application to the email : prnn@parkway.sg.

  • Assistant Nursing Administrator (Operating Theatre)

  • Nurses Job Responsibilities are :
    1. Responsible for the effective and efficient running of the operating theatres
    2. Manage the organization, administration, co-ordination and evaluation of peri-operative care in the operating theatre
    3. Provide high quality nursing care, thereby ensuring competent, personalized, specialized and cost-effective care is provided by nursing staff to patients
    4. Lead and direct clinical/service quality activities
    5. Provide nursing leadership to lead, supervise, coach and support nursing staff to deliver nursing care towards meeting organizational goals
    6. Nurture the development of staff through mentoring and role modeling

    Nurses Job Requirements :
    1. SRN Certificate from an accredited School of Nursing
    2. Post graduate Nursing Specialty Certificate/Degree
    3. Diploma/Master in Management Studies or its equivalent is preferred
    4. At least 7-8 years’ experience in a supervisory capacity with demonstrated executive ability and leadership, of which 2 years must be spent as Senior Nurse Manager
    5. Posses good interpersonal and communication skills
    6. Computer literacy – MS office

  • Senior Nurse Manager (Operating Theatre / Anaesthetic) / Nurse Manager (Medical & Surgical / Operating Theatre / Anaesthetic)

  • Nurses Job Responsiblities are :
    1. Responsible and accountable for the overall performance of the unit
    2. Provides nursing leadership in the management of patient care in the operating theatre/wards
    3. Facilitate safe and efficient use of resources
    4. Nurtures the development of staff through mentoring and role modeling

    Nurses Job Requirements :
    1. Registered Nurse with Bachelor’s Degree preferred
    2. Diploma/Degree in Nursing Management
    3. Working experience as Nurse Manager or related Managerial experiences in an acute care hospital
    4. Possess professional license to practice nursing in Singapore
    5. Positive work attitude and leadership qualities
    6. Good interpersonal and communication skills
    7. Those with at least 8 years’ clinical experience may be considered for the Senior Nurse Manager position

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