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Nurses Job in Oil Company

Some of oil company in Kuwait on the last month ago they offer an opportunity for the nurses to work in their company. The number of interested nurses works in oil company generally because of facilities and the profit that were received, such as health insurance and the school for them who chose to bring their family (child and wife) and more salary.

Qatar oil company also recently held recruitment for the Nurses to work in their company, and until now job opportunity for the medical's profession still open such as Dental Nurse, Supervisor Nurse, senior Pharmacist and Physiotherapist. The Nurses or other Medical Staff they can submit their application direct to the Qatar Oil Company through their website on internet.

Other Job vacancy also available for the Nurses in Saudi Aramco, one of Oil Company in Saudi Arabia. Work in Saudi Aramco Oil Company you’ll get the recognition and reward you deserve. They looking for experienced nursing personnel to work on hospitals and clinical facilities in Dhahran, Al-Hasa, Ras Tanura and Abqaiq.

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