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Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Scholarships. In recognition of the valuable role nurses have in the health workforce, the nursing scholarship program has been established.

Nursing scholarship is an award of access to an institution or a financial aid for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in nursing to help and pay for their education, which are offered by governments, colleges and private, outside sources that based on any number of arbitrary criteria.

Many scholarships are available for nursing students (LPN-to-RN, RN-to-BSN, RN-to-MSN, BSN-to-MSN or MSN-to-doctorate programs), but not everyone eligible for scholarship awards. Does student who qualifies only can get scholarsip program.

Scholarship's program it was helpful for the nurses to continue their career path in nursing, Types of nursing scholarships are :

  • Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships
  • Programs that designed to offer coursework that allows migration from one level to the next level such as an LPN to RN; or an RN to BSN, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing - the four-year RN degree.

  • Graduate Nursing Scholarships
  • Program that designed to offer the nurses student which choose to study in such specialties as Oncology, Gerontology, Anesthesia, Critical Care or Trauma, among a variety of others.

    There are more scholarships categorized by a specific nursing specialty, such as Acute/Critical, Advanced Practice, Anesthetist, Emergency, ect.

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