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Nurses Recruitment in Kuwait

An Agency company for the worker in Kuwait, Nurses Overseas Employment Corporation (NOEC) is looking for Diploma and Bachelor Nurse (RNs) with 2 years experienced working in hospital especially on emergency and medical department to fill the position of Staff Nurse for Private Hospital in Kuwait. NOEC has recruited many of Nurses from Philippine, India, Suria, Egypt, Jordania and also including Indonesian Nurses.

Those people who qualified for the position will get paid 200 - 350 KD (US 650$ - 1200$) as their salary. Successfuly applicants for Staff Nurse for private Kuwait hospital will have a great career in Nurses Overseas Employment Corporation.

Position : Staff Nurse
Country : Kuwait
Date Posted : Dec 05, 2007
# Requirements Must have a minimum age of 23 yrs. old
# Must have a maximum age of 45 yrs. old

Job Details : Have good relation with the others Staff Nurse and Doctor in colaburation to provide health care services for the patient as a Medical Team.

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